Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tulip blocks coming together

In an earlier post I showed 1/4 of this block, and now I have one complete block done. I am using one of the quilts in "At Home with Patrick Lose" for inspiration, but I am kind of choosing fabrics as I go. I found a great green in my stash for the sashing inbetween the four segments of the flower. Now I have to decide what color to use for the sashing inbetween blocks. I am amazed to see the difference sashing makes. In this first photo, I took a picture of the block against a white fabric:
Next I laid down my inspiration fabric (planned for the wide border) and then a sheet of the same dark green I used inbetween. Wow does it jump out so much better!

And then just for kicks I laid it on top of a sheet of purple. The purple also coordinates with the border fabric, so this is another possibility. I can't decide which I like.

The center square, by the way, is cut from the border fabric. I thought it would look interesting if each square looked slightly different. I'm cutting the squares carefully so that I get mainly the pink/orange/red shades, not the greens.

By the way, I like this digital camera. Somehow seeing the pictures seems like it gives me a different perspective than looking at it live.

Well, my progress is painfully slow (remember I have a one year old and a three year old in the house!) but at least I am quilting again!

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jovaliquilts said...

My goodness, I don't know how you have any time to quilt at all!

The internal green sashing is lovely, and it will be hard to choose the other sashing! Based on the photos, I like the purple because I always like purple (so consider the source), and I think it is less matchy-matchy and brings out the less obvious color. But sometimes when you lay out more than one block, things change again. I think your fussy-cut center squares are a fabulous idea -- little things like that can make the quilt! It makes it more interesting and more personal.

Looks great!