Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Golf Bag

By special request, and using a design requested by the Golfer Himself, I made this custom drawstring bag with special golfing features. It was a Birthday Gift for my Dad, but I forgot to photograph it for this blog and he just kindly sent me this picture.

The bag is lined and padded, with a dividing panel inside to separate the inside of the bag into two sides, for two different types of golfing accessories (those pointly little ball rests that poke into the ground -- but don't poke out of the bag because of the lined and padded sides.) And there's an exterior pocket too to hold those little extras. I found a golf fabric and coordinated the black with that. My Dad seems to love it!

It is a great feeling to make something for a specific and useful purpose, and then see it used for that purpose. A success all around!


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