Friday, July 21, 2006

Kira enjoying her quilt

Here is another picture of the quilt I made for my neice Kira, that I forgot to photograph before giving it away. I finally figured out how to steal a picture off of somebody else's blog, in this case Kira's Blog. It shows Kira enjoying the quilt during a trip to the beach. Looks like she likes it! And it matches her hat.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quilt for Baby Kira

I forgot to take a picture of this quilt before giving it to my new neice Kira, but Kira's mommy, Kim, has a blog and she posted pictures of Kira's room, where you can see the quilt draped over the back of the futon. See the picture on her blog here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

My cat Whitney helps Cheri with her quilting

My aunt Cheri and cousin Jocelyn stayed in our house last week while we were out of town, and while Jocelyn was recovering from surgery. Cheri used the time to work on her quilting, and my cat Whitney, always curious and into everything, decided to help her out. Cheri caught it on camera, and posted it to her quilting blog! To see Whitney helping Cheri quilt on my kitchen table, click here!

A gift for my new neice Hannah

I made this quilt, shown here on the wall in Hannah's room, as a gift for my new neice. I used my tried and true Slick 'N Quick pattern, but added three appliqued butterflies which I found really transformed the quilt from something ordinary into something special. At least I hope so!
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

A quilted treasure from Aunt Barb for Andrew

I can't take credit for these. My Aunt Barb Smith, an expert quilter, made this quilt and matching stuffed elephant for Andrew. They are made of the softest fabric imaginable and Andrew loves snuggling with it! What a wonderful gift!
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My tiniest quilt

When I was making the heart quilt, shown in previous posts (here, here, and here), I needed to experiment and practice with my free motion quilting technique. I was lucky to have a leftover square after the piecing step of the project, so I used it as a learning piece. It turned out well, so I decided to finish it off with a binding and a hanger. Turned out to be a cute little accent for Julia's room! Here's a random picture of Jeff and Julia that happens to show it in the background, followed by a picture I took today to show it up close.
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Julia likes the back better (so does Mommy)

I don't remember this quilt being part of this photo session, and in fact this was the only picture (among 50 or so taken in the session) that shows the quilt. But I include it because it shows one of my favorite things about this quilt -- the back! This is the blue and yellow quilt I've discussed before in previous posts, but here you can sort of see the back. I chose a completely unrelated, but adorable and very funny fabric for the back. It shows cats and birds, with the cats saying "Birds drool, cats rule!" (See detail picture below.)
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Riley's Baby Quilt

I made this quilt for Jody's first baby, Riley. Riley has his own blog, and posted this picture there originally (click here to see his post). I got the pattern from a book called "Special Delivery Quilts" by Patrick Lose.
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Happy Valentines Day!

Another example of my quilts being used as backdrops for Julia photo sessions. This photo session was done for the Valentine's Day cards we sent out. The quilt is discussed in prior posts (here, and here.)
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Hopefully not a reflection on the quilt...

As I look back through my pictures of the past couple of years, I find that my quilts are a common backdrop for Julia photo sessions. Here is an outtake from a set of pictures we took of Julia at about 3 months old. Hopefully this funny face doesn't reflect how she feels about my quilt!
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Quilts make good napping places

Can't resist posting this one. I've already shown and discussed this quilt in a prior blog entry, but I just love this picture of Jeff and Julia sound asleep on Julia's nursery floor -- which is covered by my heart quilt! I love to see the quilts getting good use!
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Quilt, bumper, and basket! A gift for Julia from Aunt Barb

I didn't make this one: Aunt Barb Smith made it, and sent it as an absolutely incredible gift for Julia. Not only did she make this adorable rag quilt and matching bumper, but she made the basket too! Julia slept here for the first couple of months. In this picture, Julia is just a few days old. (See the green light glowing from behind Julia's head? She had a touch of Jaundice after birth, and we were instructed to place her on this green glowing spatula looking thing - a "bili blanket"- for the first few days.) The quilt is hard to see in this picture, but it's made with an adorable cowgirl fabric.
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A quilt for Jeff

My next quilting challenge was to make one for Jeff. I went back to Sandy Bonsib's book for the pattern I used here, and for inspiration on the fabric colors. I got creative here and quilted Jeff's name into the border of this quilt. It's subtle, but you can read it! This quilt is the largest one I have made to date. The picture below was taken in our backyard in Redwood City, just a few days after Julia was born.

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Going quilt crazy for Julia

I got VERY ambitious while pregnant with Julia (must have been those nesting hormones) and made three quilts for her. Here is a picture we took to document my growing belly (I am 9 months pregnant here) and the three quilts I made for Julia happen to be in the background. The two hanging on the wall are from "Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!". The one on the chair is another pattern from Alex Anderson's book (see below.)

Here are pictures of each (taken today) so that you can see them in more detail:

Nathan's baby quilt

I made this quilt (another pattern from Alex Anderson's book -- see below) for my nephew, Nathan. Here is a picture of Andrea opening the quilt at our joint baby shower (we were both due with our first babies at nearly the same time, so Mom's friend Diane thew a joint shower for the two of us.)

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A gift for a very sick friend

I was shocked to discover that a good friend of mine from my days in New York was being treated for a rare form of cancer. I made this quilt as a gift for her, representing my get well wishes. I found the pattern in Alex Anderson's "Start Quilting with Alex Anderson" book.

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Christmas quilts

My enthusiasm for the Slick 'N Quick pattern (see previous post) was so great that I decided (very ambitiously) to attempt FOUR more of them, this time as Christmas gifts. I made two of each of the quilts you see in the picture below. I gave them to Susan & Paul, Brad & Kim, Mom & Dad, and Andrea & Craig. It was such a great feeling to give gifts that I put so much time and effort into. Despite the fact that they were supposed to be Christmas season quilts, Mom & Dad keep theirs draped on the rocking chair in the family room, and I've seen Susan and Paul's on a rocking chair in their bedroom at Big Bear. How nice!
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Me in action

I was so excited by what I learned in the quilting class mentioned below, I went straight out the store to purchase more fabric for a second "Slick 'N Quick" quilt. I made this quilt as a gift for Michael, Cindy and Robb McCormick's baby boy. I didn't remember to take a picture of the finished product (made from adorable teddy bear fabrics), but I did find this picture of me working on the quilt.
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Friday, July 07, 2006

First quilt I completed: Bev's Slick 'N Quick

This quilt is my first official quilt, since it's the first one I completed. I created it in a weekend workshop called Begin with Bev at my local quilting store, Eddie's Quilting Bee in Mountain View. Bev Stookey was a wonderful teacher and gave me the basic techniques, and a little confidence -- just what I needed to launch further quilting efforts. Bev calls this quilt pattern "Slick 'N Quick" and I liked it so much that I made a several more quilts with this exact same pattern, as you'll see in the next few blog entries.

First quilt I started

I actually can't remember exactly what triggered my interest in quilting. For some reason, I started watching Alex Anderson's quilting show on TV, and really admired the quilts of Sandy Bonsib, one of her guests. I ordered her book, Folk Art Quilts, and pulled out my mom's old Singer sewing machine. This quilt was the result. I titled this blog post "First quilt I started" because it's not the first quilt I completed. Mid-way through making this quilt, I decided I was enjoying myself enough to try taking a class. I signed up for Begin with Bev at Eddie's, my local quilting store and school. The green quilt in the blog post above this one is the result of that class, and the first quilt I completed. I finished this quilt shortly thereafter. Here's a picture of Tucker where he happens to be resting on the quilt, followed by a picture I took today to show the quilt in full.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why this blog?

I've decided to start a second blog so that I will have a place to capture my quilting and perhaps other creative pursuits too. My main blogging effort is on my family blog which I update several times a week. In contrast, this blog will probably not be updated quite as often, at least not after I finish the initial flury of loading my past quilting efforts. But I really want to see everything I've done all in one place. New quilting projects will go up here as I finish them, but with a new baby I don't have too much quilting time available! My first step will be to sift through all my old photos looking for pictures of my quilts and hopefully populate the blog with pictures that show the quilts in use or in context. It's nice to see how the quilts become part of the fabric of our lives. ; )